The Premier League is now in the top four

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The Premier League is now in the top four. Former defender Jamie Carragher has said there is no longer a “big six” as Arsenal and Spurs are far inferior to the other four. Both of these teams have a queue to meet on Sunday.

he Premier League Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher says Arsenal and Tottenham are not so strong to say they are in the title race. As well as Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Arsenal and Spurs are direct rivals as they are both based in north London. Which on Sunday, September 26, they will orbit each other as well. However, over the past several seasons, the overall performance of both teams is consider to have dropped or not been as consistent as they should be. Despite all the time they have been place in the league’s top six teams.

Speaking to his column, Carragher said: “This Sunday’s North London derby will be a great reminder to many that the concept of ‘big’ Six- In English football it is outdate. We only have the -big four right now – what both Arsenal and Tottenham fans are worried about is the fact. That they are behind the contenders for the title. How much Including the matter of how long they will be a team outside the group to win the championship.”