The manufacturing plant for the rising stars called “Bundesliga”

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The manufacturing plant for the rising stars called “Bundesliga”. If talking about the country “Germany”, many people would paint a picture of a country. With economic prosperity. modernity of technology Interesting history unique culture. And one thing that cannot be said at all is that “Football of Germany”

 Our country is a country that is very passionate about European football ufabet games. In particular, the entry of football influences in the city of beer in the early 90s to the early 2000s is consider the golden age of German football, since the German national team’s third World Cup win in 1990. (In the days when it was still call West Germany) Live broadcasts began to become widespread until Thai people got to know many famous stars of that era, such as Jurgen Klinsmann, Rudy Folder and Lothar. Matthaus, later in 1996, the Iron Eagle Army was advancing to international success again by winning Euro 1996 on the British soil. 

Not only at the national level it has been successful. With the professional league known as the “Bundesliga” is consider to be no less successful as well. In 1996, Bayern Munich won the UEFA Cup (current Europa Cup). And in 1997. The German representative club was known as the true master of Europe. Having won two European titles in one year, Schalke won the UEFA Cup (current Europa Cup) and Dortmund won the Champions League until 2001 Bayern. Munich also won the UEFA Champions League again, reinforcing the success and elevating the professional league to a global level.

In the late 1990s

In the late 1990s to early 2000s the world was face with economic problems. And Germany is one of the countries affect by the crisis. By spreading to the feet of many clubs in the Bundesliga battle. Until there was a push to have a unique rule of German football called 50+1. But what is this rule? So why did this rule come up? The author will explain in a simple way that is. This rule oversees the financial flexibility of the club. 

To prevent the problem of people who come to take over the club and overspend. This is the cause that leads to debt problems. Risk of bankruptcy and financial control by banks This rule is for fans to be part of the ownership of the club. The fans will own 51% and the owner of the business owns 49%. As a result, the German Football League or the Bundesliga is a true football league for football fans. The fans can participate in expressing their opinions and managing the team. 

Therefore, with the benefit of the 50+1 rule, many clubs have turned to be more cautious about their financial conditions. Combined with the policies of the German Football Federation or DFB, there is a promotion and development of structure in the youth system of the club. Therefore, Germany has never lacked a good young star in every era and stepped up to the world level, such as Manuel Neuer, Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira, Mats. Hummels and Jerome Boateng, among others. Can be seen in the achievements of international youth systems. For example german national team The Under-21s have won the European Under-21 Championship three times in 2009, 2017 and most recently in 2021.

The “German Bundesliga”

The “German Bundesliga” season 2021/22 has officially opened the curtain. The Bundesliga values ​​football fans around the world and would like to invite all football fans to share their experiences. Impressive and fun story All this fun and excitement through all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the #YouAreTheBundesliga campaign. Real Bundesliga fans can’t miss this season. Come and share your opinions with football fans around the world through #YouAreTheBundesliga