Nelson Nheu, goalkeeper of Casuarina FC

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Became a buzz in the social world, not least for Nelson Nheu (Nelson Nheu), the big-picture goalkeeper of Casuarina FC, the Australian 3rd-tier league team, on

Facebook FFA. Cup Page Football The official cup of Kangaroo. Has cut the highlight of Nou, the chubby backup keeper Was substitute into the field in the 62nd minute to replace Dean Newell. The real defender who was injure in the last 32 game against the Queensland Lions SC on September 21 past.

Although the result of this match end with a victory of Queensland Lions SC over Casuarina FC in a landslide 6-0. With Nou having score four goals, but the news gave a beautiful save style. Other Many moments for football fans to talk about It is said to be incredibly sticky.

The clip has been view over 1.2 million times with thousands of comments and shares. To the extraordinary abilities of this goalkeeper of Asian descent