Gasperini protests against media interview decision

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Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini was unhappy with the referee’s role in the 1-0 defeat to Fiorentina and protested by abstaining from interviews.

Coach Gasperini’s Atalanta had the chance to equalize from Ruslan Malinowski but was turn down. Because it was offside by Hans Hateborg, reversing a verdict by VAR that can’t do After the game, Gasperini. Who was also show a red card in the ufabet game. 

Still dissatisfied and protested by refraining from media interviews. Which is a tradition of rejecting Serie A Previously, Gasperini had given to Umberto Marino, the club’s director. Gave an interview to the media instead. After the Coppa Italia game in which Atalanta lost to Fiorentina on February 10. And this time Marino was absent from the media.

For Gasperini, this is the third time in four games between Serie A and Coppa Italia. Who have been dissatisfy with the referee’s job and protest for not giving interviews to the media.

The new investment further boosts Atalanta’s position as Serie A’s most financially healthy club, which consistently posts profits and has suffered much less during the Covid-19 pandemic even though its home city of Bergamo was hit extremely hard when the virus arrived in Europe.