Frank Lampard has named two of the best players

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Without Premier League players – Ronaldo! Lampard holds two of the best players. Are the fans able to guess? Frank Lampard has named two of the best players he’s ever fought on the pitch without from the Premier League.

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has hailed former Barcelona star Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho as the best opponents he has ever faced. After facing each other in the UEFA Champions League Cup

 Lampard revealed to Coral: “I would say there are two people, the first one is Messi because I think. He’s the best, and the other is Ronaldinho, because in 2005 we went to Camp Nou, it was the first time I had to face players who looked like he and Samuel Eto’o. That day, especially Ronaldinho’s movement, I was like wow, that’s the difference.

 As for Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo, Lampard, 43, admitted he hadn’t met during his early career at Manchester United before becoming the number one. 1 in the world with Messi since joining Real Madrid

 “I didn’t play against Ronaldo when he was at his peak. I met him while playing for Manchester United and was coming up. But I didn’t see him when he was at Madrid for many years, where he was brilliant,” Lampard concluded.